Honors College Agreement Form

The Honors College Capstone Agreement Form is required for every student enrolled in HON 322. It is the first (#1) in a series of 4 Forms Related to Capstone. This is in place of the Honors Activity Agreement Form (above) and must be completed at the beginning of the semester during which a student begins work on the Capstone project. After the Capstone contract form has been filed by the participant in HARS, the project manager is notified of the electronic authorization within one business day. It is only when the project manager has approved the project that the Fellow will be subject to electronic approval. The form should be established in HARS before the end of the third week of the semester. Connect to the Activity Reporting System honors to generate and print the shape of your Capstone agreement. We recommend that students begin the course award process by meeting with their teacher to determine an additional component suitable for their studies. By appointment, the student must complete and submit the Honors Contract form (see below) at the beginning of the semester (until the end of the add/drop period). No contract will be approved if they are returned later, unless the student has previously terminated it with an honorary advisor. The honorary staff will join the professor at the end of the semester to verify that the student has passed the contract. The honours then only set the place of honour after the award of a final score of a B- or a higher score.

4. A review of the proposal and contract is carried out by the student`s Honors Academic Advisor. The counsellor sends an e-mail to the teacher and the student with the indication of consent, refusal or if additional information is needed before authorization. NOTE: An Honors student`s academic advisor will only ask for additional information once. The recommendation application form is for students who request a letter to an Honors College Dean. The form must be submitted at least two weeks before the desired completion date. The form is a fully digital application and does not require you to bring documents on paper. For any questions, please contact honors@iupui.edu. Honors Research is an independent course needed to study with Honors, which is taken by juniors and seniors with the professor of their choice, to help them conduct their own research or to assist the professor in his research.

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