Jat Agreement

JAT has had great success in winning back traditional markets. The company welcomed with great enthusiasm the partial lifting of sanctions against Yugoslavia at the end of 1994. The embargo cancelled all bilateral JAT agreements, so that representatives immediately began negotiating new treaties. Most countries have agreed to grant short-term renewable authorizations to the airline until new agreements with civil aviation authorities are negotiated. Others decided to respect the agreements negotiated before 1992. As part of Jat Airways` agreement with Etihad Airways, it has been reported that the airline from 27 to 13.10.2013 air Serbia will be renamed. After 66 years, this is called the JAT (Jugoslovensky Airlift Transport) since its renaming in 1947 by Aeroput. At that time, Serbia had only one airline, Jat Airways participation, a company with its own status, board of directors and directors. Air Serbia is the result of a strategic partnership agreement between Etihad Airways and Jat Airways, which imposed regulatory obligations on it and was registered with the Business Registry Agency (APR). Subsequently, Jat Airways changed its name to Air Serbia and everything else was maintained, as it was still a limited company, the trading company registered in the RPA and all the rights and obligations of Jat Airways. On that date, Jat Airways worked at full capacity and complied with regular and charter passenger transportation obligations, as agreed in its 2013 business plan. [28] In 1949, Yugoslavia faced a gloomy international position: isolated from both the West and the East. The result was a new fuel rationing, difficulties in purchasing spare parts and the cancellation of all flights to Eastern European destinations.

JAT had to survive on six internal lines. When Yugoslavia turned to the West, an agreement was reached with Swissair for the opening of the Belgrade-Zurich line, inaugurated on 24 August 1949. The stagnation of the company marked the operation in 1949, as the traffic was significantly less than the potential of the fleet and the transport needs of the country. But 1954 was a turning point in many ways. Convair CV-340 and Convair CV-440 Metropolitan were purchased for short and medium distances, after which the Douglas DC-3 was used only on domestic lines. Several international and national routes were opened shortly thereafter. In 1957, six iliozine il-14Ms were purchased. In 1959, JAT purchased several Douglas DC-6Bs for long distances. [7] In 2011, the Serbian government announced the creation of a successor to Jat Airways with a strategic partner. The new airline would take over all healthy assets, codeshare agreements, aircraft and slots at Jat Airport. [19] Baltic Aviation Systems was the only company to offer the tender documents, but decided not to pursue the partnership.

[20] The tender was again cancelled due to the lack of interested buyers. As part of this agreement, Suning will market jat brands in China on a non-exclusive basis and has already placed its first order worth $127,000. It is an important part of working with Star that all potential licensees receive a copy of our advertising leasing contracts, as described below. Download our model pub-leasing contracts. Jat has signed a sales contract with HongKong Suning Appliance Resourcing. Our standard agreement is ideal for those who do not want to make the type of investment necessary for the complete repair and insurance of leases, but who want flexibility over the duration of their commitment.

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