Louisiana Collaborative Practice Agreement

Currently, state laws and regulations require Louisiana nurses to require a doctor to have a written agreement to provide many elements of care. These requirements are declining rapidly across the country, with 20 states and the District of Columbia voting to allow NPNs to fully practice their training with full practice power. In particular, during the last Parliament, legislation was introduced that would have prevented the SBSA from “limiting the right of an advanced and registered physician and nurse to participate in a collaborative practice agreement, as provided by R.S. 37:913.” See House Bill 1215, 2014 Regular Legislative Session. The legislation has not been passed. Therefore, the proposed LSBME rule should continue the rule-making process. Hospitals whose hospitals are occupied by mid-level doctors and providers should be aware of these rules that are part of the administrative regulatory process. We believe that some or all of these changes would increase the number of pharmacists participating in CDTMs in Louisiana. The pharmacists we spoke to showed a keen interest in partnering with their fellow physicians, but the perceived and experienced barriers of the CDTM prevented them from following such an agreement. CDTMs are a powerful tool that can improve the care of chronically ill patients and enable our medical staff to provide care at the top of their license.

By removing these restrictions, we can maximize the functionality of agreements and allow pharmacists to play a greater role in the treatment of chronic diseases. If PaPa has a normative authority and has a primary training site other than the PS, the PS must visit the main training site of the Palestinian Authority every week. See LAC 46:XLV.4511 (A) (5) (a). In particular, some practitioners consider the co-signature requirement and the limitation of PA monitoring to be incriminating and arbitrary and want a better balance between health care regulation and the provision of an integrated team.

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