Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 Collective Agreement

Your Council regulation – Regulation 157/20 – provides that the City of Toronto can ignore our freely negotiated collective agreement and force workers to change jobs, eliminate service time, eliminate service fees and even give work to private contractors and volunteers – all in accordant to the employer`s mood and despite our negotiated collective agreement. With the new collective agreement now in place, ATU Local is asking the new Toronto 113 City Council and TTC to join us in countering the provincial government`s threat to split the TTC by taking its subway and putting it on the fast track of privatization, higher rates and reduced service for drivers.┬áPlease read below for a letter local ATU 113 President Carlos Santos sent Prime Minister Doug Ford on April 17, 2020 to request that the Prime Minister further suspend the rights of workers transit collective agreements (CBA). For more information on the CBA and Ontario emergency regulations, see the letter. The development of acceptable responses for both parties for the employer and the Union could provide assistance to senior service managers who respond to the tweets received by @TTChelps and arise from the fact that the responses they have provided are not contrary to the collective agreement or TTC`s legal obligations. It may also be advantageous for the parties to develop guidelines acceptable to both parties as to when such information should be provided and whether tweeters should simply indicate that, if they wish to file a complaint, they should contact the TTC by telephone or through the TTC website (paragraph 146). Based on the evidence of tweets in all of the categories mentioned above, the union stated that the employer had not provided safe and harassment-free employment. As part of this statement, the union requested a number of corrective actions (see item 97), including the closure of the Twitter account @TTChelps. In that case, it was decided that the TTC did not protect its employees from harassment on his company`s Twitter account (@TTChelps), but the arbitrator did not order the account to be closed. Instead, there were recommendations on the type of reaction/action to take following an offensive or embarrassing tweet, as well as the injunction to develop a policy of responses on social networks.

As part of this general allocation of power, the College authorizes communities to take a series of specific measures that take over all statutes, regulations, ordinances, directives, agreements or agreements, including a collective agreement.

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