Barclays Credit Agreement

I have been with Barclays for over 50 years. I have never been denied a loan, and I have never been late. My credit score is 999, which is the highest you can have. Two days ago, I ordered a new iPhone for my wife and accepted the option to pay it back for over 24 months with a loan from Barclays Partners Finance. Less than 24 hours later, I tried to order one for myself, and these people at Barclays Partner Finance turned me down. I feel offended that they take me for a 72-year-old man with excellent creditworthiness, a risk. If l could not give stars, l. It`s a waste of space. A very angry Barclays customer I can`t believe the messages I read below, because I now realize that I`m not the only one. My nightmare started with Barclays Partner Finance in December 2019 and I am still in the nightmare until today 18 Nov 2021.

MBNA on the other side. Answer in about 5 minutes! No one picks up the phone. Wasted time. The worst customer service. Not recomented So bad site. Refers to its phone number, which says 24/7 It is not.. We`re really not here to help you. They are MASTER criminals, and I will bring them to HMRC SMALL CLAIMS.

I paid an initial loan which was 5500, and then 1500 interest rates were magically added. And I`m still after 1.5 years of balanced payment of 5500.C`s criminal and don`t sign it. Go to court if you keep adding more interest rates to my loan. PLUS BARClAY`s account algorithm has weighed me twice in the last 3 years and I have lost thousands of pounds. Call centers are very responsive, but really can`t help. I would not recommend running this business. I hate Barclay`s finances. I spent two and a half hours on the phone yesterday waiting to talk to someone.

No one bothered to answer. He took an hour to wait. I tried again this morning. I am currently waiting for one hour and thirty-five minutes. COVID is no excuse for customer service. How many people work from home? Nothing? You should be ashamed of yourself. That`s why I hate banks. I called with a request right now (3pm) and was held for 33 minutes before a very helpful guy answered my questions. Too bad her site isn`t a little more interactive, otherwise I wouldn`t have had to bother her. Good luck for others trying – maybe I was lucky with the time of day? I am surprised by the latest negative evaluations. I contacted her with a potentially difficult request for documents.

I was on hold for 10 minutes, not unreasonably with people working from home during the lockdown. The person I spoke to was competent, friendly and quickly fixed the problem. Impressive, since he worked from home. I called the after-sales service, and after waiting 38 minutes, I gave up and hung up. This long reaction to the client who, in my case, hung up after 38 minutes, should not be attributed to the pandemic and people are working from home. . . .

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