Construction Agreement Terms

The types of construction contracts are usually defined by how the payment will be made, but they can also indicate other terms, such as duration, quality, specifications and other issues of similar importance. Learn more about the 10 different documents or clauses that can be included in a good construction contract. No matter what you build, a solid contract is one of the first steps towards project success. As has already been said, there is no contract that is too detailed: some contracts contain specifications for security, personnel, excuse events, etc. Each contractor should consider adding documents that improve the clarity and scope of contracts. The purpose of a contract is to define the conditions to resolve any claims or problems that may arise during the course of the project. The most important part of this point is the definition of the rights and duties of each party. These include all applicable laws, deposit, arbitration, insurance, claims procedures, lump sum damages, final completion and essential closing requirements. This section may also contain procedures to be followed if the agreement with the contractor is suspended or terminated beforehand. At Cotney Construction Law, we have the experience and skills to help contractors understand and design contracts. Advice with construction rights advocates in St.

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