Eu-Iraq Cooperation Agreement

The text of the EU-Iraq Partnership and Cooperation Agreement was signed on 11 May 2012. Its trade provisions entered into force provisionally on 1 August 2012, pending the completion of the ratification procedures for the entire agreement. The EU-Iraq Partnership and Cooperation Agreement will be the first contractual relationship between the EU and Iraq. It provides a legal framework that covers issues ranging from regular political dialogue and development assistance to trade relations and regulatory cooperation. The European Commission had previously announced that the agreement would focus on the common interests of the EU and Iraq, such as democracy and human rights, the economy, migration, security, energy and the environment. The PCA provides a legal framework for regular high-level policy dialogue, trade and investment, as well as sectoral cooperation in a wide range of areas such as health and education, energy, environment and justice, freedom and security. It contains elements that strongly reflect the fragility of a Middle Eastern country`s security environment as a result of conflicting conflicts that contribute to the transition to democracy and stability that the EU is committed to supporting. Additional attention has therefore been paid to the provisions relating to respect for human rights, the fight against terrorism and the fight against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and small arms and light weapons. In the event of a violation of the “essential elements” of the PCA, a suspension clause authorizes any party to take immediate and appropriate measures in accordance with international law.

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