Title Xix Participation Agreement

The necessary documents must be presented at the same time as the agreement originally signed. Suppliers outside the state (non-border) cannot register. Practitioners who practice at the CSA must register individually. CSA and individual applications cannot be faxed as a transfer; Each application and the necessary annexes must be faxed separately. Each ASC provider must register and invoice separately. CONSIDERING that the Division, as a public body responsible for the establishment and management of a medical care programme for persons in need, under Title XIX of the Social Security Act, is empowered to conclude an agreement with health care providers on a coordinated care basis; Failure by a provider to comply with the terms of this Agreement may result in sanctions by the Department: The Carolina Carolina Coordinated Care and Access Program (Carolina ACCESS) is a patient coordination system for primary care implemented in accordance with Title XIX of the Social Security Act and subject to the provisions of the North Carolina Statute and the Carolina Administrative Code. northern. This Agreement shall be construed as supplementing the terms and conditions of the providers participating in the Medicaid Program, unless the Medicaid Program is superseded by the specific terms and conditions of this Agreement. Provider agrees to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, policies and procedures in accordance with the Carolina ACCESS and Medicaid programs.

The supplier must fully accept individuals in the order in which they apply, within the limit set out in the contract. Provider may set a limit on the number of participants in the Access Carolina request under the following conditions: Application – All forms and additions to this Agreement that provider uses to apply to participate in the Carolina ACCESS Program. This Agreement shall be effective, subject to the approval of the application by the Division. One or more of the above sanctions may be taken simultaneously, at the discretion of the division, on the basis of the seriousness of the breach of contract. The department decides to initiate sanctions against the supplier. The supplier is informed of the opening of a sanction by registered letter. Sanctions may be imposed immediately if the division finds that the health or well-being of one or more participants is threatened or within a specified period of time, as indicated in the contract notice. If the provider does not agree with the determination of the penalty, he has the right to request a hearing of evidence in accordance with the Medicaid Directive. .

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