Vdoe Vaap Security Agreement

VAAP evidence collections are submitted to the school department and evaluated by locally maintained scorers or grading teams. Scorers receive training on the application process of the VAAP section on submitted evidence, the use of the online assessment system and other information relevant to the assessment of the assessment. The VAAP section, addendum and evaluation rules are available in section 6 of the vaap Implementation Manual 2020-2021 – This is a PDF document. (PDF). Once all the evidence submitted for a given VAAP entry has been assessed, scorers or grading teams record their student performance assessments or upload a file containing the students` results into the online assessment system. The online scoring system then generates a final score and a performance level. Parents receive VAAP performance reports after each assessment administration. These reports contain the results of each test performed, the overall level of performance, and performance information in report categories that include related content or skills. The Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP) was designed to assess the performance of students with significant cognitive disabilities who are working on academic standards reduced in complexity and depth.

This content derives from the Learning Standards (SOL) and is called the Aligned Standards of Learning (ASOL). Students in grades 3-8 participating in the VAAP must provide evidence in the same disciplines as those required by their non-disabled peers in the same class. High school students participating in the VAAP must hold out until the end of their 11-year diploma. Class or, according to a schedule established by the local school department, provide evidence in reading, writing, mathematics, natural sciences, history/social sciences…

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