Xcode Stuck At License Agreement

If you have a private repository on a macOS computer, you need to make sure that you accept the license on both devices! If you have multiple versions of Xcode, you must accept different versions of the contract. There are two important pieces of information you need to know about this: If you look at these values and the values of the PlistBuddy command shown earlier, you can see how they are mapped. licenseType is GM or Beta, and these determine which of the two key pairs is defined in com.apple.dt.Xcode.plist. Corresponding XcodeVersionForAgreedTo. contains Xcode.app CFBundleShortVersionString. This useful trick with xcodebuild works when you only need to deploy one Xcode application, but the situation becomes less clear when you manage several on a single machine. And you may have seen from time to time that you install a different version of Xcode (or a beta version) on your own computer, which you have to accept the license again. What exactly is going on here? Does anyone else have a problem where you are asked to accept the agreements after installing Xcode 7 GM and it won`t open after that? After updating xcode, I also received a warning about missing git on Mac. However, after pressing Enter several times, it does nothing. The license agreement is not displayed. Never. So I can`t accept it and I`m stuck.

I thought it might have something to do with LC_* variables or something similar. The IDE returns an error message stating that it “cannot start git: /usr/bin/git”, but the path is correct and has already worked. idea.log contains the following error: “Accept Xcode/iOS license requires administrator privileges, please run again as root via sudo“ If you have already gone through the process of automating Xcode installations, you have undoubtedly encountered the problem of making sure that the license for Xcode and the included SDKs has been accepted. An unlicensed Xcode looks like this on the first launch and asks for administrator rights: 1 – sudo xcode-select -r (resets the xcode-select path) The same problem with Yosemite. I click “Accept” when the license agreement appears, and then it crashes – forever. I can also see an Xcode call stack dump in the console, something with [NSThemeFrame addSubview] Although this removes the license dialog, it gets stuck in the “Install additional prerequisites” dialog box. Big. The -license solution did not work for me after installing the Sierra solution (10.12.2): run `sudo xcodebuild -license` in the terminal and then accept the terms. .

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