Tenant Agreement In Kenya

That`s impressive! I`m so overwhelmed by all this that I don`t know where to start. I have been a tenant for over 3 years, after the first year our apartments were sold to another person, hence the change of direction. The new management has given me a hell of a time in this link. 1. They have increased the rent from 3k from 10k to now 13k without any improvement or improvement of anything that justifies wud rent increament. We complained, but we always paid, although some of us signed the rental, but we always paid and we still are. many tenants who have not been able to resign themselves to management, but who are always up to date to apply for their deposits, since we paid two monthly deposits and deposits of water and Elec for a total amount of 24500k. None of these former tenants were reimbursed for their deposits and some even gave up following coz, they realized they were going to spend more to beg for their deposits. Some still come and its very annoying coz they will also not be refunded, as that was the trend. Only four former tenants are empty of the building and the owner repairs and puts tiles in all the empty houses. Security has also become another issue. I lost some business and complained, but nothing was done, which about four days later an old neighbor lost even more in a bizarre incident where someone opened his stolen house and locked it in daylight and no one saw who stole.

As a result of the complaint, nothing was done and she was even asked to leave if she is not satisfied with the apartments and eventually the former tenants tremble that they complain a lot and show the new tenants a bad image of them. The case was never settled and that`s when I decided to move next month, but stay on my deposit then the necessary repairs that the owner should inspect before I leave. but he refuses to do so, and he threw my children and my maid out, and then he locked them up. The last time he did it, I decided to go to the police, who told me to file a report on the tenants` submission, which I did, and the Caretacker was arrested and ased to open the hse. but he refused because he was following the order of his boss, who told the police that I was not protected by any law to be opened at home without paying rent. The Ocs gave me the order to open my house and let my children in, because my landlord did it wrongly, even without notice.

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