IATI_2014 Final Performances

Submerged from janelle on Vimeo.


Ackerman, Matthew Haller http://mattinteractive.tumblr.com/ Moody, John William http://johnmoodyinteractive.tumblr.com/ Strong, Alyssa Ann http://10astrong.tumblr.com/IPT Arita, Janelle http://janelleinteractive.blogspot.com/ Bumatay, Antoinette Leanna http://antoinettebumatay.com/category/viza-689/ Murphy, Laura Kristine http://vizadancelaura.wordpress.com/ Sanchez, Tiffany Renee http://intheirbeat.blogspot.com/ Miller, Marisa http://depthsofmordor.wordpress.com/


TouchWire Students: The Glowing Rhythm Students: Emily Harris and Joelene Tomecek

VIST305_Fall2013_Weekly Schedule

Week 12 Final Presentation Details User study/Documentation Details ——————————————————————————— Week7 (Thurs. Oct. 10): Individual Discussions/Project 2 Help out with Wei Ling He’s plastic bag installation Individual discussions Project 2 Introduction Week7 (Tues. Oct. 8 ): Project 1 Project 1 workday Evening presentations for Project 1 ——————————————————————————— Week6 (Thurs. Oct. 3): Project 1 Project 1 workday/testing […]

IATI Spring 2013, Project 2

Cindy Lessard, Kaitlyn Becker, Jessica Feist Conversations with the Machine by Thomas Storey, Federico Burch, Jonathan Williamson, Andrea Alvarez Rhema Linder, Catherine Hervey, Alex Lee, Fuhao Shi, Megan Shipman Co-operation by Doug Lasater, Jianjie Zhang, Van Trinh, Anna Arredondo, Kathy Quigley April Ford, Andy Hurley, Michael Kosler, Sarah Moudy

IATI Spring 2013, Project 1

DirectIVY by Rhema Linder, Catherine Hervey, Alex Lee, Fuhao Shi, Megan Shipman   Proximity by Thomas Storey, Federico Burch, Jonathan Williamson, Andrea Alvarez   Sketch 1 by Doug Lasater, Jianjie Zhang, Van Trinh, Anna Arredondo, Kathy Quigley   Butterfly Sonata by Trisha Cleveland, Cindy Lessard, Kaitlyn Becker, Jessica Feist   Peaceful_Contrast by April Ford, Andy Hurley, […]

VIST206 Summer 2013, Project 2: Touching Space

Bursting Bubbles by Erika Alam, Michael Mueller, Hasmig Hanessian Kaleio by Hillary Brindell, Quentin Holtz, Cameron Slayter Writing on the Walls by Nick Eisele, Sebastian Kawar Tranquil Flow by David Verona, Annie Sungkajun, Vanessa Harrison New Worlds Parallax by David Wood, David Nwachukwu, Joshua Halley Spooky House by Ashby Spaulding, Alyssa Strong, Chris Raymond, Blanca Tovar Purrfect Storm by Monica Garza, Jessica Ross

VIST206 Summer 2013, Project 3: Tangible Visualization

Color Roulette by Erika Alam, Michael Mueller, Hasmig Hanessian   by Nick Eisele, Sebastian Kawar, David Verona, Annie Sungkajun   The Wandering Knight by Jessica Ross, Joshua Halley, Monica Garza and Vanessa Harrison     FLOO (Floral Light Operated Object) by Hillary Brindell, Ashby Spaulding   by Cameron Slayter, Quentin Holtz, Blanca Tovar, David Nwachukwu   by David Wood, Alyssa Strong, Chris Raymond

VIST305 Fall 2013, Blogs

Alfonso, Marcos Antonio Harris, Emily Ruth Hebert, Ellen Rachel House, Daniel Ray Lane, Jesse Cooper Lemon, Joshua Phillip Saenz, Michael Andrew Simmons, Kinsey Anne Strunk, Joshua Paul Tomecek, Joelene Lori

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