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Project Description inTouch is a set of dresses that consists of a mother’s dress and a child’s dress sharing touch information through garments in an ambient way. They share touch information around the child dress and visualize it on the mother’s dress using thermochromic paint. This was developed to explore how remote touches can convey […]

Light Strings_Performance

Kirstin Carlson’s Performance in Light Strings (photos, videos by Mark Cheng)


audiovisual interactive immersive installation (2008) Collaboration with Greg Corness

Phenomenological Research Methodology

To investigate the sense of immersion created by an artist, along with the inextricable and varied experiences that the participants have and describe, I have identified a research method: Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s existential phenomenology as followed by Francisco Varela. Phenomenology, in Merleau-Ponty’s interpretation of it, is a philosophical view. Its aim is to put out of […]

Biofeedback_Interactive Art/Design

Title : Engagement and Immersion Research in Interactive Art Environment: exploring subjective and physiological data based on different visual cues

Aesthetics of Immersive Experience

As an interactive artist and researcher, I am interested in the phenomenon of immersion created from physical interactions within interactive environments. I acknowledge immersion as a primary aesthetic phenomenon not just because it is created within artistic environments, but because the experience of attending is fundamental to our senses, realized through bodily interaction in its wholeness, […]

Transparent /Organic Interface

We explore transparent/organic qualities of interface for interactive wearables and environments.Transparent Interface exposes some of the inner structure that allows us to experience aesthetics of electronic circuit. It also connects users and actual electronic components directly. Transparent interface also implicates flexible, innocent, direct, intuitive. Organic Interface Projects Organic Origami Light : Tessella (Blog) Related Research Areas Interactive Wearables […]