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Interactive Wearable Exhibited in Stark Gallery at Texas A&M University   Photos more photos


Light Strings_Performance

Kirstin Carlson’s Performance in Light Strings (photos, videos by Mark Cheng)



audiovisual interactive immersive installation (2008) Collaboration with Greg Corness

The Smile Resarch

What makes you smile?   Public Art Installation ** SMILE PROJECT ** The SMILE PROJECT is a public art installation that will be unveiled on May, 2013 in Downtown Bryan.  

Public Art

Public Art has been considered to prevent or reduce crime, to help effect positive change in community-building and in the case of the Lincoln Center in New York, to enhance the economy. A growing number of researchers, municipalities have contributed to this research, supported by government grants.

Therapeutic Research

Exploring Therapeutic Aspects in Alternative Immersive Environments In the 1990s, several virtual environments (VEs) deemed “immersive” were developed as therapeutic treatments for numerous ailments. These VEs were created using stereoscopic, head-mounted displays (HMDs), trackers and sensors. Several of these virtual environments are currently in use in medical realms and continue to be developed. Research strongly […]

Biofeedback_Interactive Art/Design

Title : Engagement and Immersion Research in Interactive Art Environment: exploring subjective and physiological data based on different visual cues