Water Tower Project

Project Description The water tower near the H-E-B grocery store in south College Station was aglow Dec. 8 with animated images created by Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, assistant professor of visualization and her students. The students employed 3-D, stop-motion, and other types of animation for the project, a partnership that included the city of College Station, […]

Lavishly Light

Interactive Dance Costume  Artists Dancer: Lauren Dowdy Choreographer: Christine Bergeron Soft Circuit Fabrication: Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo Performance Lavishly Light. By Dowdy, L. Choreographer.Bergeron, C. Costume Fabrication.Seo, J. H. {254} Dance-Fest, Waco Convention Center, Waco, TX, USA. 26 Sept. 2015. Dance Performance.


Project Description The human touch is no stranger to interacting with nature. Feeling the grass beneath our feet or hand leaves behind a sense of relief and allows for individuals to just concentrate on touch. However, for those that are unable to experience the touch of the outdoors do not benefit from this leisure. Touchology […]

LED Dress 2014

Interactive Dance Costume Design for 8 dancers Artists Christine Bergeron, Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo Grant Texas A&M TOP Program (Interactive Performance and Technology)


Project Description inTouch is a set of dresses that consists of a mother’s dress and a child’s dress sharing touch information through garments in an ambient way. They share touch information around the child dress and visualize it on the mother’s dress using thermochromic paint. This was developed to explore how remote touches can convey […]

Light Strings_Performance

Kirstin Carlson’s Performance in Light Strings (photos, videos by Mark Cheng)


Interactive Installation (2010) Collaboration with Lisa Guo and Maxine Kim

Rain Drops

Interactive Immersive Installation (In progress)

Light Strings

Interactive Immersive Installation (2010) Collaboration with Greg Corness


Selected Proposal for Surrey Public Art (2010) Collaboration with Diane Gromala


Interactive Wearable Art (2009-2010) Artists: Thecla Shiphorst and Jinsil Seo

Aurora: Bridging Hemispheres

Proposal for CODE Live 2010 December 2009


Proposal for Beall Center for Art and Technology (2008) Collaboration With Greg Corness


Interactive Immersive Installation (2009)


audiovisual interactive immersive installation (2008) Collaboration with Greg Corness

Falling Objects

Interactive Installation (2008) Collaboration with Greg Corness, Jidong Yim

Mindful Games

Interactive Biofeedback Game (2008) Researchers: Alissa Antle, Jinsil Seo, and Aaron Levisohn

Snow Flakes

Interactive Installation, Public Art (2007) Collaboration with Greg Corness, Jidong Yim

Read Your Space

Interactive Performance (2007)

Cloud Walker

Interactive Art Proposal (2006)

Processing Sketches

Computational Poetics (2006)


Interactive Installation (2005-2006) Artists: Diane Gromala, Aaron Levisohn, Jinsil Seo

Amputation Box

Interactive Installation (2006), Artists: David Jhave Johnston, Jinsil Seo, Diane Gromala

Active Listening

Web Information Visualization (2005)

Sky Reverie

Interactive Installation, 2005 MFA Thesis Project, SVA

3D Stereography

3D Stereography, 2003


Rainbow Holography, 2003

Intercast Website

Web Design, 2001


Interactive Toy, 2003

LED Painting

Physical Computing, 2003


Interactive flash video, 2002


Information Visualization, 2002

Virtual Campus

Web Design, 2002

Sprit of Inside

Photography, 2002

After Work

Photography, 2001

In the Library

Photography, 2001

Calendar Design

Editorial Design, 1997