[Course] IATI_Spring 2014 : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research

[Course] IATI_Spring 2014

Special Topics in Interactive Performance and Technology
VIST 489 / VIZA 689 / KINE 485
Monday and Wednesday (3 pm – 5pm). ETB2005, PEAP207

Instructors: Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo (hwaryoung at viz.tamu.edu)and Christine Bergeron (cbergeron at hlkn.tamu.edu)

Teaching Assistant: Stephen Aldriedge (stevo25 at neo.tamu.edu)


Weekly Schedule

Week3 (M). Jan.27 – ETB2005

Soft Circuit Exercise


Week2 (W). Jan.22 -PEAP207

Week2 slides

Sketch One Assignment

  • Task: Interactive Costume Design and Fabrication
  • Theme: Symbiosis (Living Together)
  • Type: Wearable or Tangible Object
  • Material: Soft/flexible material

Due dates for Sketch One

  • Concept Proposal Due: Jan. 29
  • Concept Description, Drawing, Choreographic ideas (space/time/energy), Stage setup
  • Costume due: Feb. 12
  • 2 mins(max) dance with an interactive costume
  • Sound/Music
  • Lighting concept (Magic sheets/Cue sheets/Illustration)


Week1 (M). Jan.13 – ETB2005



  1. Set-up your blog, say who you are and include a pic
  2. Email your blog address to Stephen(stevo25@neo.tamu.edu) by 6pm today(Tuesday)
  3. Post a dance(related) performance that you have seen in person (Due: noon Wednesday). If no experience, research.
  4. Prepare three page slides of your works (Due: noon Wednesday)

Week1 (W). Jan.15 – PEAP207

Final Performances
Students’ Blogs

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