Technical Resources_Tangible Visualization (VIST206, Spring2012)

Basic Electronics Techniques Soldering tutorial Electronics Club Physical Computing ITP Physical Computing Adafruit Tutorials Code, Circuits & Construction Arduino meets Processing Arduino Arduino Arduino Playground Arduino Tutorial Modekit : Graphical programming environment for microcontrollers Lilypad: Leah Buechley’s tutorial Fritzing Sensors Sensor Report at ITP 3-axis accelerometer GSR Actuators Servo... Read More

Example project for Tangible Visualization (VIST206, Spring 2012)

Wearables Visual (Light) Tornado Dress (2007), Studio SubTela Aurelia  Pants on Fire Ukule(LED) Visual (Movement) Envella  Parasite Shy with me Sound Sound of Warmth KnemeDrume Wearable Piano Interface Kinesthetics PointLocus PaceMaker Installation Visual (Light) Filling DigitalDawn by, 2000 Firefly by Jason Kruman Zygote Balls by Alex Beim Visual (Movement) Shutters by Marcelo Coelho Hylozoic Soil by Phillip Beesley Artists/Reserchers Kate... Read More

Project 1: Stop motion animations

The VIST206 students presented 30 seconds stop motion animations for their first project of the semester. Students developed their own stories relating to nature thematically. They also created their own stage sets and characters experimenting various materials; light, paper, clay, wire, fur, styrofoam, grass and leaves. Most of the projects were created in Studio B using stop-motion software called, DragonFrame. It provided ultimate control in single... Read More

[Course] VIST206, Spring 2012

Spring 2012, MMF. 9:10 am – 11:25 am, C304   Instructor Information Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, Assistant Professor, Visualization Dept. office hours: Wednesday 1:00-2:00 (By appointment)   TA: Morgan Jenks email: office hours: Wednesday 1:00-2:00 (By appointment)   VIST206 Syllabus   Weekly Schedule Week15 (M, Apr. 30) Final Presentation (Slides + Demo) May 1: VIST Show Prep May 2:... Read More

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