[Course] VIST206, Spring 2012 : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research

[Course] VIST206, Spring 2012

  • Spring 2012, MMF. 9:10 am – 11:25 am, C304


Instructor Information

Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, Assistant Professor, Visualization Dept.


office hours: Wednesday 1:00-2:00 (By appointment)


TA: Morgan Jenks

email: mjenks@viz.tamu.edu

office hours: Wednesday 1:00-2:00 (By appointment)


VIST206 Syllabus


Weekly Schedule

Week15 (M, Apr. 30) Final Presentation (Slides + Demo)

  • May 1: VIST Show Prep
  • May 2: VIST Show (All projects should be installed by 4pm)
  • May 4: Final Documentation Due
  • Detail


Week14 (M, Apr. 23) Final Project Criteria

Week14 (W, Apr. 25-7) Hwaryoung is at the conference, in Denver


Week13 (M, Apr.16)  Working Sessions


Week12 (M, Apr.9) How to develop final project ideas!


Week11 (M, Apr.2) Project 3 Presentation at Studio A


Week10 (M-F, Mar.26-30) Working Session


Week9 (F, Mar.23) Working Session

Week9 (W, Mar.21) Working Session

Week9 (M, Mar.19) Concept Discussion + Electronics testing


Reading Break


Week8 (F, Mar. 9) Concept Development

Week8 (W, Mar. 7) Arduino Tutorial

Week8 (M, Mar. 5) Project 3 Details + Arduino Programming


Week7 (F, Mar.2) 

Week7 (W, Feb. 29) Soft-circuit exercises

  • Alternative Conductive Material – ex. foil, clip, magnet, etc. (We are going to make a circuit using these materials.)
  • Soft Material – ex. Felt, fabric, sponge, thread, etc.
  • Electrical Tape, Needle, Scissors, plastic tape, glue
  • We also need a BATTERY (9V or smaller).
  • Assignment: Create a soft-circuit switch

Week7 (M, Feb. 27) Project 2 Presentations


Week6 (Feb. 20-24) Working Session


Week5 (Feb. 13-17) Working Session


Week4 (F, Feb. 10) Concept Development

Week4 (W, Feb. 8 ) Discussion on Readings + Brainstorming for Project 2

  • The Death of the Author by Roland Barthes (1967)
  • Interactive Narrative, Plot Types and Interpersonal Relations by Maurie-Laure Ryan (2008)
  • Project 2: Plot type, Narrative immersion (spatial, temporal, and emotional)
  • Studio Activity
  • Play Lost Cause and Disconnected by Kirsten Johnson
  • Find two examples of interactive narrative that inspire you the most
  • Form a team (2-3 people)
  • Develop a story structure (Use Xmind or Illustrator)
  • Find references for a visual style
  • Update your blog

Week4 (M, Feb. 6) Stop motion Presentation+ Project 2 Introduction

  • Reading1: summarize it in a few paragraph (Blog – due: 8am on Wednesday)
  • Reading2: summarize it in a few paragraph (Blog – due: 8am on Wednesday)
  • Get familiar with Flash: Flash Tutorials, Video tutorials


Week3 (F, Feb 3) Working Session

Week3 (W, Feb 1) Working Session

Week3 (M, Jan 30) Working Session


Week2 (F, Jan 27) Idea development for Project 1

Week2 (W, Jan 25) Countdown animation presentation + Project 1 Detailes announced

Week2 (M, Jan. 23) Pixilation presentations + Dragon Frame Demo

  • Studio Activity: Countdown video (3-2-1-0)
  • Examples 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 4-5 seconds countdown video
  • 10-12 frames per second
  • download a sound file from http://www.freesound.org
  • STUDIO B Schedule
  • Jan. 23 3pm-6pm (Matt)
  • Jan. 24 3pm – 6pm (Autumn)
  • Jan. 24 6pm – 9pm (John’s team, Alli’s team)


Week1 (F, Jan.20) Students’ presentations + Stop motion exercise (Pixilation)

  • Studio Activity: Animate People
  • Think about imaginative movement, impossible movement (ex. imaginary vehicle)
  • Pixilation examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Winter’s research)
  • Explore dynamic speeds (Ease in/Ease out)
  • 10-12 frames per second
  • 20-30 seconds
  • Due: 9am, Jan.23 (upload it on your blog)

Week 1 (W, Jan.18) Introduction pdf

  • Studio Activity: Look Outwards
  1. Browse blogs and other sources to discover three stop motion animation projects by other people that you haven’t seen before
  2. Explain the project in just a few sentences
  3. Explain what inspires you about the project
  4. Consider visual aesthetics
  • Assignments
  1. Create a blog for the course
  2. Introduce yourself on your blog with an image
  3. Prepare a short presentation (10 slides, 20 seconds each) on yourself and your artworks
  4. Email your blog address to Morgan(mjenks@viz.tamu.edu) by 6pm tomorrow
  5. Post your slides (pdf) on your blog by 9am, Friday
  6. Post the class activity on your blog by 9am, Friday
  7. Bring a digital camera to the next studio
Students’ Blogs
Project One: Stopmotion Animation
Project Two: Interactive Flash Animation
Project Three: Physical Visualization
Final Project

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