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International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media



The Cycling’74 youtube channel has LOTS of quick and informative videos about Max

Morgan’s page for the course has tutorial programs



Arduino Tutorials


Inspirational Projects

Body Navigation


Messa Di Voce (2003) by Golan Levin et al

Cinematique (2010) by Adrien Mondot

Typographic Entanglement

String by Jaegon Lee

Lighter and Lighter (2010) by Amanda Long

Unnamed Soundsculpture (2012) by Daniel Franke and Laura Keil

Interface Design for artistic expression(2012) by Jakub Kozniewski

Connected by Chunky Move

Future Self (2012) by Random International

Sammy Chien (Stage Design, 1:39)

T2 (2009) By Henry Daniel

Standing Waves 

Chunky Move


Costume/Wearable Design

Beauty in Motion by Diana Vishneva

Laser Suit


Student’s Projects


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