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Computational Poetics (2006)

Final Project: Sky Reverie v.2.0

“Everytime you look at a star you are looking at the thoughts of everyone who looked at it before you.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sky Reverie V.2.0 is an immersive installation. People can enter inside of immersive space with cloud-shape. In ‘Sky Reverie’, visitors may enjoy visual and audio elements while physically playing with and in a inflated plastic cloud. When they stretch their hands up inside this cloud, as if they’re whispering their hopes to the sky, hundreds of stars fall into line to create a constellation triggered by fluctuations of viewers’ shadows.


01_outside inside outside_full screen_01 Picture 001 Picture 003 Picture 002 Picture 004Picture 005 Picture 006 Picture 007

Technical notes

Processing (Codes based on Braitenberg’s Vehicles by william ngan )
Processing Libraries : Blobdetection(by v3ga) for captureing camera images, Ess (by Krister Olsson) for Sound.


Computer : Dell OPTIPLEX GX280 (Pentium4, dual 3.8Ghz, 2G RAM)
Camera : Sony DCR-HC96 MiniDV Camcoder(Nightshot mode-IR Camera)
Projector : Panasonic
Fan : LASKO 20inch box fan
Lights : Blue fluerescent(24W)
Plastic Sheet : 3M Hand-Masker 48in/1,21m

Tech009 Tech008 Tech001 Tech005 Tech007 Tech004 Tech006 Tech002Tech003

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