Interactive Immersive Installation (2009)

Project Description

Lumibreath is a networked alternative immersive installation that explores the quality of immersion through light, space and physiological data of participants. In our daily life, we are surrounded by many forms of light. However, we aren’t usually cognizant of it. Although, according to Helmholtz, we have 100,000 more physiological sensors within our bodies (interoception) than in our traditional senses that focus on the outside world (exteroception), we usually are not aware of our interceptors. Interoception, such as our internal organs’ movement, however, can often be brought into conscious awareness. We created alternative immersive environments that focus on sensual and internal bodily interaction with visual and tangible aspects — an interplay of interoception and exteroception. In addition, the environments communicate together interfering or collaborating to accompany their participants in them. According to Yuasa Yasuo, a Japanese philosopher, our internal organs affect our consciousness and emotion although we don’t realize it. Lumibreath embodies and brings into conscious awareness this internal experience, allowing for participants to be attached to the light structure through a biofeedback sensor. Furthermore we seek to create a very playful interface between external light and internal bodily states.


Lumi-breath Lumi-breath Lumi-breath Lumi-breath Lumi-breath Lumi-breath Lumi-breath Lumi-breathLumi-breath Lumi-breath Lumi-breath Lumi-breath

Material Explorations

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