[Course] Systems of Media Representation

Fall 2005

Course Description

Systems of two dimensional, three dimensional and interactive visual representations are surveyed as they apply to both physical and digital media. Classical notions of 2D mark making and 3D linear perspective are introduced along with contemporary alternatives with digital media. Topics in interactivity include narrative concepts, color and composition as meaning, modes of perception and reception. The course culminates with the development of an interactive time-based group project centered on multimedia, user interactions and medium of delivery. Students with credit for TECH 117, 118, 119 and 120 may not take this course for further credit. Breadth-Humanities.

Systems of Media Representation is a project-based course that introduces the theory and hands-on practice of art and design in digital media. As the introductory course in IAT, this course teaches the core fundamental principles in 2D visual design, sequential and animation design, interaction design and user experience. The theory is contextualized in contemporary new media design practice and is broadly applicable across disciplines. This course is an excellent introduction to digital photography (camera and post production) and also motion graphics. Students will be expected to produce project work applying the basic principles of new media literacy, as well as verbal and written critique demonstrating their ability to communicate the language of visual, sequential and interactive design theory.

Roughly, half the projects are individual and half are team-based. Students are strongly encouraged to adapt experience from their own lives to project guidelines. There is no requirement to have previous creative or technical skill. Those students who have prior creative or technical skills will find challenges in finding a deeper level of engagement with theory and practice. The course has introductory tutorials in Photoshop CS4, Dreamweaver CS4/HTML and Flash CS4.

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