Project 1: Stop motion animations

The VIST206 students presented 30 seconds stop motion animations for their first project of the semester. Students developed their own stories relating to nature thematically. They also created their own stage sets and characters experimenting various materials; light, paper, clay, wire, fur, styrofoam, grass and leaves. Most of the projects were created in Studio B using stop-motion software called, DragonFrame. It provided ultimate control in single frame animation techniques to produce high end & professional work.

Nature Rocks!!! by Alli Burnett, Matthew Garrett and Brooke Taylor

Le Voyage Rouge by Matthew Ackerman, Erin Bersi and Chistopher Gowen

The Web’s Call by Winter Baron, Emily Oswald and Magdalena Trigg

Liquid Light by Grant Davis and John Moody

Autumn Rizzo, Joshua Neumann and David Torres

For more information about each project, please visit students’ blogs (

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