Grass : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research


Interactive Installation (2010)
Collaboration with Lisa Guo and Maxine Kim

Interactive Installation
with Lisa Guo and Maxine Kim
Size: 1.5ft * 0.5ft * 0.5ft


Grass is an interactive tactile interface that invites participants to touch the luminous fiber-optic grass. Different light patterns are created depending on how participants touch Grass. This explores natural touching or stroking gestures experimenting soft-circuit techniques with alternative conductive materials: conductive paints and fabrics.


Fiber Opitcs
Conductive Paint
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes

Conductive fabric
Conductive Thread
Shrink Wrap/Heat gun

5mm White LEDs
Displayduino Board
LED Matrix Board

Photos on Flickr

IDMAA Student Showcase 2010 at Emily Carr

SIAT Showcase + Competition 2011
SIAT Spring Showcase + Competition 2011

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