Immersive Environments : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research

Immersive Environments

I investigated experiential properties of the immersive phenomenon, by creating alternative immersive environments, entitled nite_aura and Light Strings. These art-works integrate physical materials (such as textural fabrics and illuminated fiber optics) with computational/electronic components (such as soft-circuits, sensors, cameras and computers).

I also created conventional immersive environments: Concave screen, Dome, etc.

Biofeedback Game_Butterfly


Sky Reverie by Jinsil Seo
nite_aura by Jinsil Seo and Greg Corness
Lumibreath by Jinsil Seo and Diane Gromala
Light Strings by Jinsil Seo and Greg Corness
Butterfly Game by Alissa Antle and Jinsil Seo


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