Light : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research


Research Interests

Wearing Light (Kinesthetic Experience)
Tangible/Flexible Light
Light Therapy
3D Kinetic Light Display

Tangible / Flexible Light

We have been researching on origami(tessellation) structures with light. Origami has great potentials for tangibility. It invites users to touch, reshape, play with it. We embedded surface mounted LEDs in the structure. Therefore the structure itself can be used for a sensor to measure how the user manipulates it and for an actuator(light) that visualize the user’s input.

SIAT Capstone Project by Henry, Maxine, Sarah, Bill, Zac

Light therapy

photo-reactive cells on our body

3D Kinetic Light Display

We are creating a 3D kinetic display. Each pixel moves up and down creating 3D imagery.

For the initial experiment, we created Rain Drops. Each rain droplet is being dropped by a servo motor/spring.



Research Projects

Light Strings
Rain Drops

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