[Course] Body Interface, Fall 2010 : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research

[Course] Body Interface, Fall 2010

Fall 2010


Instructors: Jinsil Seo and Greg Corness


Course Description:

This course focuses on body interfaces and embodied interaction. These can include wearable technologies, ambient environment and physical interaction in the context of intimate, personal and embodied computing. Students will design and prototype projects in the body interface domain. We provide an overview of current ways in which designers understand embodied interaction including art, design, fashion and games. Embodied interaction is introduced and explored in relationship to communication, adaptive qualities, fun/play, and expressivity. Readings, discussion and research are conducted in the current state of embodied wearable and expressive media including the poetics of intimacy, expressivity, fashion and ambient spaces.

Course Evaluation:

Participation (10%)

  • Attendance, Quizzes

Assignment (25%)

  • Readings, Weekly Assignments, Documentation

Sketch Projects (30%)

  • Sketch 1, Sketch 2

Final Projects (35%)

  • Research Presentation, Final Presentation, Artifact
  • Final Paper, Documentation Video
Final Projects

will be updated.

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