[Conference] IDMAA 2010 Student Showcase : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research

[Conference] IDMAA 2010 Student Showcase

Organizer for SIAT Undergrad students showcase
November 4-6, 2010 at Emily Carr University

We presented five projects created by Body Interface students. To accommodate our projects we will need multiple AC power sources, three tables, two chairs, a few boards to hang posters. The ideal exhibition space will be 10*10ft with a slightly dimmed light setting to facilitate LED projects.


Title: (Para)site 
• Artists: Alanna Kho, Georgina Chaplin, Luyi Wang, and Amy Ngai
• Description: Parasite is a wearable electronic piece that addresses ideas of symbiosis and embodiment. Consisting of a collar and arm sleeve sewn from fabric with embedded circuits and sensors, it is meant to be loosely viewed as an individual parasitic organism that reacts to environmental heat by pulling back its scales.
• Size: 1.5ft*1ft*1.5ft (this will be on a mannequin.)

Title: Ukuleled
• Artists: Eduardus Pradipto, Danielle Chan
• Description: Ukuleled is a wearable interface for a Ukulele player. The shirt visualizes LED light patterns to enhance the nature of sound.
• Size: 2*2 ft (this will be on a mannequin.)

Title: weBlimp 
• Artists: Nathan Waddington, Anna Wu, Brian Quan and Andrew Thong
• Description: weBlimp is an interactive installation that explores social interaction and crowd collaboration in Interactive Game.
• Size: minimum 8*8 ft (this can be presented as a video)

• Artists: Lisa Guo and Maxine Kim
• Description: Grass invites participants to touch the luminous fiber optic grass. Different light patterns are created depending on how participants touch. This explores soft circuit using conductive paint to create a wireless stroke interface.
• Size: 1.5ft * 0.5ft * 0.5ft


IDMAa Student Showcase Parasite Parasite Parasite Ukule(LED) Ukule(LED) Ukule(LED) GrassGrass Grass Manocam_Video Parasite Parasite Parasite Ukule(LED) Ukule(LED)Parasite Grass Parasite Maxine and Danielle touching Grass Parasite Ukule(LED) Parasite Team Parasite TeamParasite Team Grass Team Grass Team Jinsil&Greg_inflating weBlimp Ukule(LED) Team Parasite Team All_Except Greg and Dito



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