[Course] ARTS 308 Sculpture, Spring 2012 : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research

[Course] ARTS 308 Sculpture, Spring 2012

Spring 2012, Tue & Thu 9:35am – 12:05 pm
Texas A&M University

Instructor: Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo
email: hwaryoung@tamu.edu
office hours: Tue 1:00-2:00 (By appointment)

TA: Morgan Jenks
email: mjenks@viz.tamu.edu
office hours: Tue 1:00-2:00 (By appointment)

NEW LOCATION: Reed McDonald (RDMC) Room 002 Graphics Lab

ARTS 308 Syllabus

Weekly Schedule

Week10 (Tuesday, Apr.3) Exhibition Map


Week10 (Thursday, Mar.29) Movement Test

Week10 (Tuesday, Mar.27) Movement Test


Week9 (Tuesday, Mar.22) Working Session

Week9 (Tuesday, Mar. 20) Concept Development + Material Experiments


Reading Break


Week8 (Thursday, Mar. 8 )

Week8 (Tuesday, Mar. 6)


Week7 (Thursday, Mar.1) Project 2 Presentation + Project 3 Intro

  • Assignments: Research on interesting movements (take videos)
  • Find 2 examples from Nature
  • Find 2 examples from Man-made objects
  • ex1, ex2, ex3, ex4

Week7 (Tuesday, Feb. 28); Project 2 Exhibition at Studio A, Langford C


Week6 (Thursday, Feb.23): Working Session

Week6 (Tuesday, Feb.21): Working Session


Week5 (Thursday, Feb.16): Concept Development

Week5 (Tuesday, Feb.14): Casting Practice


  • Plaster bandage / Vaseline (to coat your skin) / Scissors / Old news papers(to cover your table) / Small container for water (we need to soak plaster bandage into water) / Tissue

Considerations for Project 2

  • Conceptual Dichotomy
  • Physical/psychological/emotional
  • Material Experiments
  • Performance/Installation

Examples PDF


  • Research two projects that inspire you
  • Finish a casting (Practice)
  • Sketch your ideas and make a plan for your project
  • Update your blog


  • Presentation/Installation/Performance: February 28 (Tuesday)
  • Studio A in Langford C
  • Additional Meeting on February 24 (Friday)


Week4 (Thursday, Feb.9):Working Session

  • Create a mask that represents two emotions using organic/man-made materials

Week4 (Tuesday, Feb.7): Discussion on the exhibition + Material Exercise

  • Exercise : Mask slides
  • Do material research and bring materials and tools next class.


Week3 (Thursday, Feb.2): Exhibition from 9:30am to 12pm around Ross street.

Week3 (Tuesday, Jan. 31): Working Session


Week2 (Thursday, Jan. 26): Working Session

Week2 (Tuesday, Jan. 24): Students’ presentation + Concept Development

  • Please prepare a proposal by 9am Thursday (Jan. 26)
  • Title
  • Concept words
  • Location
  • Method/Material Experiment
  • Schedule
  • Sketches


Week1 (Thu. Jan. 19): Students’ Presentations + casting exercise + brain storming

  • Brain storming tool: XMind
  • Assignment: Research
  1. Browse blogs and other sources to discover three installations (sculptures) dealing with body parts by other people
  2. Artist, year, medium, size
  3. Explain the piece in just a few sentences
  4. Explain what inspires you about the project;
  5. Consider visual aesthetics (color, balance, harmony, etc.)
  6. Post this on your blog
  • Installation Space: Ross st. between Langford C and Reed McDonald map

Week1 (Tue. Jan. 17): Introduction to the course, pdf

  • Assignment
  1. Set up your blog and post your introduction and one image
  2. Email your blog address to Morgan (mjenks@viz.tamu.edu) by 6 pm, Wednesday (Jan. 18)
  3. Prepare a short presentation of yourself and your artworks (10 slides, 20 seconds each)
  4. Post your slides (pdf) on your blog by 9am , Thursday (Jan. 19)
  • Materials for next studio
  1. Sketchbook
  2. Drawing Tools
  3. Camera
  4. Plastic Tape
  5. Plastic wrap
  6. Scissors
Students’ Blogs
Project One: Life Cast
Project Two: Body Extension
Project Three: Movement Studies

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