[Course] VIST 405 Fall 2012 : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research

[Course] VIST 405 Fall 2012

Fall 2012, MW 3:00-5:30 pm, ARCC 304A
Texas A&M University

Instructor: Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo
email: hwaryoung at tamu.edu
office hours: Wed 2:00-3:00 (By appointment)

TA: Morgan Jenks (mjenks at viz.tamu.edu)

TA: Stephen Alderidge (stevo25 at neo.tamu.edu)


VIZT405 Syllabus
Weekly Schedule

Week 14 (Wed. Nov.28) Presentation

  • 3:30pm Erica Kaitlyn
  • 5pm Matthew, Martin, Brad
  • 5:30 pm Colin, Collin, Evan
  • 6pm Cindy, Alli, Spencer
  • 6:30pm Thomas, Kevan, Kay leigh
  • 7:30pm Ivan, Kevin
  • 8pm Langford Bridge

Week 14 (Mon. Nov.26) Technical Rehearsal, Presentation Slides ready

  • 3pm Ivan, Kevin
  • 3:20pm Erica, Kaitlyn
  • 4:20pm  Matthew, Martin, Bradley
  • 4:40pm Colin, Collin, Evan
  • 5pm Cindy, Alli, Spencer
  • 5:30pm Thomas, Kevan, Kay leigh
  • 6:30pm Langford Bridge


Week 13 (Mon. Nov.19) Research Paper



Week7 (Wed. Oct. 10): Project 1 Exhibition

Week7 (Mon. Oct. 8): Technical Rehearsal


Week6 (Wed. Oct. 3): Working Session

Week6 (Mon. Oct. 1): documentation videos

  • Lecture on documentation pdf
  • Installation locations for Project 1 due


Week5 (Wed. Sep. 26): Project 1: In studio development time

Week5 (Mon. Sep. 24): Interactivity + Biofeedback, pdf

Week4 (Wed. Sep. 19): Project 1
  • Individual team meetings

Week4 (Mon. Sep. 17): Project 1

  • Demo of MadLab apps
  • Concept Discussion


Week3 (Wed. Sep. 12): Projection mapping sketch due

Week3 (Mon. Sep. 10): Projection mapping sketch

  • In studio development time


Week2 (Wed. Sep. 5): Projection mapping sketch

  • Students allocated computers
  • equipment configuration
  • In-studio development time

Week2 (Mon. Sep. 3): Projection Mapping overview

  • Lecture on 3D projection mapping: examples and process for the work “Gargoyle” by Stephen
  • development time in studio


Week1 (Wed. Aug. 29): Intro of 3D projection Mapping, PDF

  • Studio Exercise Team exercise (2-3 people)
  • Projection mapping creating a relaxing mood
  • Use at least a couple of boxes (or found objects)
  • Create a documentation video that shows the final result (30 seconds)
  • Include sound effects to enhance the mood
  • Post your video with descriptions on your blog (Concept, technical description, experience)
  • Due: 1pm on Monday (September 13)

Week1 (Mon. Aug. 27): Introduction, PDF

  • Assignments
  • Please set up your blog (introduce yourself with an image)
  • Prepare a short presentation (10 slides, 20 seconds each) on yourself and your artworks
  • Email your blog address to Stephen by 12pm Wednesday
  • Post your slides (pdf) on your blog before 3pm Wednesday
  • Wednesday – Bring your laptop
Students’ Blogs
Project One
Project Two

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