[Course] Interactive Performance and Technology, Spring 2013 : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research

[Course] Interactive Performance and Technology, Spring 2013

Course Title: Special Topics in Interactive Performance and Technology
Term: Spring 2013

Meeting times and locations:

  • Lecture /Seminar: Monday (3 pm – 5pm), ARCC207
  • Studio Lab: Wednesday (3 pm – 5pm), ETB2005


  • Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, hwaryoung at viz.tamu.edu
  • Jinxiang Chai, jchai at cs.tamu.edu
  • Christine Bergeron, cbergeron at hlkn.tamu.edu

Assistant/Technical Developer

  • Peizhao Zhang, stzpz at neo.tamu.edu, newstzpz at gmail.com

Max Specialist

  • Morgan Jenks, mjenks at viz.tamu.edu


Weekly Schedule 

Week 12 (Apr.10, Wednesday)

  • Workday

Week 12 (Apr. 8, Monday)

  • Schedule_Modified
  • Apr. 17: Tech Rehearsal
    Apr. 22: Brief Showing Sessions (8pm for outdoor projects)
    Apr. 29: Final Show (8pm for outdoor projects)
    Apr. 30: Documentation Video Due
    May. 1: VIST Show 5-8pm (Performance 6pm)
    May. 3: VIZ-A-GoGo Downtown Bryan
    May. 5: Paper, Blog Due
  • Research Paper, Documentation Video pdf


Week 11 (Apr. 3, Wednesday) 

  • Movement Session


Week 10 (Mar. 27, Wednesday) 

  • Department Meetings

Week 10 (Mar. 25, Monday) 

  • Final Proposal Presentations


Week 9 (Mar. 18, Monday) 

Intro of Final Project pdf
Reading assignment pdf
Jinxiang’s Lecture


Spring Break


Week 8 (Mar. 6, Wednesday) Department meetings

VIZ (ARCC207) Lecture about dissemination pdf, Reading assignment

CS (Mocap Lab)


Week 8 (Mar. 4, Monday) Sketch Two Show


Week 7 (Feb. 27, Wednesday) Tech Rehearsahl

Week 7 (Feb. 25, Monday) Workday


Week 6 (Feb. 20, Wednesday) Concept development for Sketch Two

Week 6 (Feb. 18, Monday)

Laban’s A scale – Dance studio (video)

Sketch Two (Interactive Projection mapping) Intro and Examples of projection mapping pdf

Mocap history pdf

Schedule for Sketch Two

  • Feb. 20 (W) Research Presentation, Projection Mapping Demo, Concept Brainstorming
  • Feb. 25 (M) Workday
  • Feb. 27 (W) Team meeting / Tech rehearsal
  • Mar. 4 (M) Sketch Two presentation


Week 5 (Feb. 13, Wednesday)

Sketch One show

Week 5 (Feb. 11, Monday)

Technical Rehearsal


Week 4 (Feb. 6, Wednesday)

Please reserver your work session through Peizhao (stzpz@neo.tamu.edu)

Prepare Tech rehearsal on Monday (25mins per team)

  • Discuss and test your system setup with Peizhao and Morgan in advance
  • Bring all components for the show
  • Codes, sound files, lighting components, etc.
  • Costume and stage setup
  • Documentation – bring a aideo camera

Week 4 (Feb. 4, Monday)

Department meeting

MAX 6 Tutorial with VIZ students in ETB 2005


Week 3 (Jan.30, Wednesday)

Team Proposals

1. Kaitlyn, Trisha, Cindy, Jessica pdf

2. Thomas, Federico, Jonathan, Andrea pdf

3. April, Andy, Michael, Sarah pdf

4. Catherine, Rhema, Alex, Fuhao, Yen-Lin, Megan ppt

5. Doug, Kathy, Andrea, Jianjie, Van pdf


Week 3 (Jan.28, Monday)

Inspirations by students

Sketch One Requirements

Possible Technical Environment

Assignment – Project Proposal


1. Kaitlyn, Trisha, Cindy, Jessica

2. Thomas, Federico, Jonathan, Andrea

3. April, Andy, Michael, Sarah

4. Catherine, Rhema, Alex, Fuhao, Yen-Lin, Megan

5. Doug, Kathy, Andrea, Jianjie, Van


Week 2 (Jan.23, Wednesday)

Mocap Lab(HRBB505) Tour: Demos of Kinect system and Vicon system
Inspirational Projects pdf

Assignment: Create 1page pdf slide with your project research

  • Contents of slide: image, name of piece (year created), name of artist(s), 1 sentence summary description of piece, technology, video link, your name
  • Example

Next class will be in ETB2005


Week 1 (Jan.16, Wednesday)

Laban Exercise in READ261 (Dance Studio) videos
Review of Dance performance research

Technical overview pdf

1. Assignment: Select one project from your portfolio and prepare 1 min presentation with image or video.

  • Post it on your blog (Due: Jan.23, 1pm)
  • After presentations, we will form teams.

2. Reading Assignment: Live Media: Interactive Technology and Theatre by David Z. Saltz. pdf

  • Please summarize the paper and post it on your blog (Due: Jan.23, 1pm)
  • Additional Reading for GRADs: The Art of Interaction: Interactivity, Performativity, and Computers by David Z. Saltz. pdf

Next class will be in HRBB505.

Week 1 (Jan.14, Monday)


Course Introduction pdf
Laban Movement Analysis pdf

Next class will be in READ261.

Students’ Blogs
Project One
Project Two

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